The opening of a B2B bank account can be an expensive and long procedure these days.

What is B2B account and what are the benefits of having B2B account

The opening of a B2B bank account can be an expensive and long procedure these days. Corporate documentation requirements are ever-increasing and banks will demand the near to
impossible before you can obtain your corporate b2b account.

Even if having a non EU registered company or when lacking EU citizenship, WIRE 500 can provide you a b2b bank account! We are here to check and process your corporate
documentation and handle your whole application from A-Z ensuring you will be able to accept and send payments from most parts of the world
Due to our network, we are capable to provide you with the right account against the right conditions. Stop overpaying on transactions and let us check for you which bank suits your
business needs best. Wire 500 is connected to 30+ banks and thus, can ensure your corporate banking needs will be covered.

Opening a corporate account is not as easy as it once was. Due to changing regulation, tighter supervision and numerous laws, banks will ask the maximum in order to feel a certain
level of security. Naturally, this is understandable but on the other hand, also causes unnecessary delays and additional costs.

When obtaining a bank account it is very important to treat the account with care in order to avoid closure or confiscation of funds. Sample of such are maintaining good
communication and ensuring you always have the needed documentation at hand in case such is requested by the bank.
Our experience is something we love to share with our clients and above all, we love taking care of our clientele.

With Wire 500, you are not alone even once we provided you with the right account and will always remain available for questions or inquiries