Frequently Asked Questions

It is a bank account used only by you and not shared with anyone else. And all the movements in the account, incoming and
outgoing, are strictly done as per your request.

We work with banks in countries all across Europe, such as, UK, Germany, Italy, Hungary, Poland, Bulgaria,
Czech Republic, Romania and many more.

No, our fees and commission are different for every account.

Yes, it’s possible for us to provide you with more than one account, if needed.

During the day we will inform you about movements on your accounts, at the end of each working
day you will receive report for all incoming and outgoing transfers and your balance.

We do settlements every day all around the world in a bank account requested and provided by you.

Multiple currencies can be used.

Yes, we accepted 3
rd party and corporate deposits (additional documents might be required)

Yes, we will need a valid Proof of identity and Proof of residence (not older than six months) for any client who sends funds to the

In case of any problems you can contact us 24/7 – via Skype, email or phone.